Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everybody else is doing it...

Greetings gentle reader,

This is a blog in search of a purpose.

Inspired by several friends' online efforts, I decided to have a go at the fine art of the blog. But what would be my theme?

While meditating upon that question, I wondered if I had anything to offer the world that wasn't already being covered thoroughly elsewhere, and better. I wondered if I'd simply be wasting bandwidth. I wondered if it wouldn't be a phenomenal bout of electronic Onanism. Ultimately I decided that it didn't really matter, and that I should simply begin.

I have several creative irons in the fire, primarily combining my loves of theatre, history, and costume. I decided that perhaps my experiences with them might be of some interest, if not use, to somebody.

Yet, I am a dreadfully lazy man in many ways, and I wondered if I could remain focused on such a task as this. Therefore, I am committing to posting at very least once per week. I feel this is a reasonable, attainable goal. I hope that it's enough to keep you, my gentle reader, satisfied.


  1. I am sadly ungentle but I'm excited to see what you come up with. You know I love historical costumes and history. I'm not so into theatre but I do love that people like you keep events like the Dicken's Fair going and keep infusing it with some integrity. I should say I'm not interested in performing in theatre but I enjoy watching it. By the way - highly distracted yesterday so never brainstormed names for you but I'm glad you went with Dashing Downward because I think it's rather perfect.